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Last 3 Updates:

02/03 Artisan Guild - Added March Release
24/02 Ketaminies - Added Krakens Crew
21/02 Crab Miniatures - Added Undead Army Pt2

Recent Unique Models Added/Removed
March - Added 30 Removed 0
February - Added 186 Removed 3*
January - Added 315 Removed 0
*3x Bat Swarms from Imagine Minis were removed due to how fragile the models were

Some highlights from January - Thank you for your continued support!

PP = Premium Paint | SP = Standard Paint

Mini Manatee - March

Another ~70 models painted in February! With a mix of everything! Mini's from the site, Scenery from the site, Heroforge, Warhammer commissions and even a life-size prop!

The paint queue has dropped to high (as of typing this) and I can see it getting down to no delays this month which would be the first time in over a year!

Continuing my experimenting with the new fleet of FDM printers you can see some knitted style figures printed in multicolour, I hope to have them on the site soon, these will be printed in advance for all multicolour prints due to the cost to produce them going down substantially when multiple copies are done simultaneously (I don't believe they'd sell even at cost price if I did them on demand)

Also expecting to list some super low cost FDM printed minis which I've been experimenting with, these will be limited to the EC3D range, but the results are promising! I will be aiming for a $2-$3 per model price for standard human sized models - these will be ideal for getting a bulk amount of minis for games when you dont mind a small loss in quality.

Thank you again for your continued support.


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Current Artisan Guild Release: March: Raid at the temple of Ifrit

Current Imagine Minis Release: February: Welcome to the Barrens + Special Edition release

Current Tainted Windmill Release: February


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Great prints on all of my orders. Everything came through very nice with no printing issues. I wanted a couple of things resized and the customer service was great! Highly recommend.

James G

Source: Facebook Review

Sculpt quality is incredible, really genuinely impressed, seller was quick and easy to communicate with, A+++ highly recommend.  

Sambo.NZ (129****)

Source: TradeMe

Ordered four minis from HeroForge files and all painted as well. Excellent and fast service, it took only a week to get the minis delivered! Such a great paint job, couldn't be happier! Highly recommend Mini Manatee

Sandra S

Source: Facebook Review

Absolutely amazing service, communication, and quality of work.. Holy moly. I'm blown away at the level of crispness in the models. 


Source: TradeMe Service (#2847413952)