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19/06 Imagine Minis - June Release
19/06 Tainted Windmill - June Release
16/06 3DRogue - Dreadgrove Expansions

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Some highlights from May - Thank you for your continued support!

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Mini Manatee - June

May was another great month for us, painting projects have been keeping us very occupied! At the time of writing I'm working through a large set of Blood Bowl miniatures which have been a fun change of pace.

Also managed to get some non-monthly releases out, one from Ketaminies which was a huge release I was working on for a couple of months on and off, and this years Francesca Musumeci release.

We have new resin printers expected to arrive this month to replace the work-horses we got early last year to maintain the highest quality models possible.

Thank you for your continued support :)


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Current Artisan Guild Release: June: Vanguard Fighters Guild

Current Imagine Minis Release: June: Blood for the Old God Pt2

Current Tainted Windmill Release: June: Cursed Steel


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Great prints on all of my orders. Everything came through very nice with no printing issues. I wanted a couple of things resized and the customer service was great! Highly recommend.

James G

Source: Facebook Review

Sculpt quality is incredible, really genuinely impressed, seller was quick and easy to communicate with, A+++ highly recommend.  

Sambo.NZ (129****)

Source: TradeMe

Ordered four minis from HeroForge files and all painted as well. Excellent and fast service, it took only a week to get the minis delivered! Such a great paint job, couldn't be happier! Highly recommend Mini Manatee

Sandra S

Source: Facebook Review

Absolutely amazing service, communication, and quality of work.. Holy moly. I'm blown away at the level of crispness in the models. 


Source: TradeMe Service (#2847413952)