We are away for a short break!

New unpainted orders will not ship until after 20th of April. Painted orders will start to be processed after the 20th of April.

Current Queues
Unpainted Orders: Full (see above)
Painted Orders: Full (see above)

Normal - No Expected Delays
High - Delays of 1-3 working days expected
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Last 3 Updates:

02/04 Artisan Guild - Added April Release
29/03 Coloured Prints - Added Wave 2 of Knitted Style Pokemon
16/03 Imagine Minis - Added March Release

Recent Unique Models Added/Removed
April - Added 42 Removed 0
March - Added 56 Removed 0
February - Added 186 Removed 3*
*3x Bat Swarms from Imagine Minis were removed due to how fragile the models were

Some highlights from March - Thank you for your continued support!

PP = Premium Paint | SP = Standard Paint

Mini Manatee - April

March had some big models painted! And a huge surprise winning a category in Bamboo Brush with the white Dwarf - the owner of that model now has 3 Bamboo Brush winners!

For a brief moment the painting queue went to 'standard' but I've had some massive painting projects since then which will keep me busy throughout April especially with our break away as of the 10th.

Happy Easter everyone! Thank you again for your continued support.


New models every month from the following:

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Current Artisan Guild Release: April: The Quest For Goldvein

Current Imagine Minis Release: March: Welcome to the Barrens Pt2 + Special Edition release

Current Tainted Windmill Release: March: Void Warlord


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Great prints on all of my orders. Everything came through very nice with no printing issues. I wanted a couple of things resized and the customer service was great! Highly recommend.

James G

Source: Facebook Review

Sculpt quality is incredible, really genuinely impressed, seller was quick and easy to communicate with, A+++ highly recommend.  

Sambo.NZ (129****)

Source: TradeMe

Ordered four minis from HeroForge files and all painted as well. Excellent and fast service, it took only a week to get the minis delivered! Such a great paint job, couldn't be happier! Highly recommend Mini Manatee

Sandra S

Source: Facebook Review

Absolutely amazing service, communication, and quality of work.. Holy moly. I'm blown away at the level of crispness in the models. 


Source: TradeMe Service (#2847413952)