Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a voucher/coupon, but I can't find where to use it?
This is found in the checkout process when you are entering your shipping details.
This looks different on Desktop and Mobile, for the mobile version you will need to select 'Show Order Summary' at the top to reveal the field.
See the images below for examples

I have a gift card, but it wont let me use it with the current promotion code
This is a limitation with the website - please message us using the chat button and we can apply the discount manually.

Please note there is a limit of 1 coupon/discount code per order, so you cannot combine a coupon code and a discount code, gift cards purchased from the store are an exception to this rule.

Issues completing an order

Click this link for details if you're having issues completing an order on the site: Checkout Issues


Where do you ship to, and what are is the cost for shipping?
We currently ship to New Zealand and Australia.

New Zealand:
Tracked: $5.99 per order (2 working days delivery target after collection)
Free Shipping for orders over $50
Economy Tracked: $19.99 per order (5-10 working days delivery target)

How long does it take to ship?
Smaller sized models will generally take 2-3 working days to be ready for shipping. Larger models may take longer, but no model should take more than 5 working days to be ready for shipping unless there is a notice on the front page advising of delays.
 Large groups of models may take longer than the above estimation and commission painted models will take at least double the expected shipping time, 

How are models sent?
Products are normally sent via NZ Post
At times, Aramax Couriers are used to ship larger boxes which have a target delivery of 2-4 working days.

Australian orders are sent via NZ Post.


Can I change the weapons equipped on different models?
For Artisan Guild models - Yes, so long as the weapons are from the same/similar set in the same scale range. The models have ball joints where their hands connect to the wrist - as such, if you choose a weapon from the Goldmaw Lizards (Lizardmen) to go on a Fighters Guild (Human) model, the hand holding the weapon would be scaly and have 3 fingers/1 thumb and the other human hand would have 4 fingers/1 thumb.

I see some Artisan Guild Epic Bosses that have different weapons equipped between their stances, can I get one set of equipment with the other models stance? Example: Epic Boss Malkaya
Update: New renders now also include all options for all load-outs, if the model is still on an old render, the following answer applies.
Yes, please just leave a note at checkout with the weapon loadout required.

Can I change a models size/scale?
Yes, going from the standard 32mm scale to 28mm scale will have no impact on pricing, just add a note to your order at checkout for this.
Other changes (doubling the size of a model for example) will require a custom job to complete - please email me using the contact us page for these requests.
There is now an Upscale option on the site to upscale any model from a 32mm or smaller base to a 75mm scale model (235% size!)

Why don't you supply the resin bases with your models?
Two reasons:
1: To keep the price down: this reduces the cost for a model, as a resin base can consume around 25%+ of the resin used for the rest of the model. For models
 L and above, this saves a decent amount on the listed price.
2: Coherency: This is a hangover from my Wargaming hobby; but if I wanted 5 different models for my army and they all came with a resin base with different scenery, I can't use those bases and make them look like they're all in the same place. A flat base allows me to make my own base and set my model in the location I want it in. For those who do want the resin bases, I will be adding an option to include them in the near future (See below for how to get it now).

How do I make my own base? That sounds difficult.
There's a lot of ways to do this; ranging from getting some sand/rocks from the beach, gluing them to the base and painting it to building a full diorama. I've linked a 5 minute video of an easy but effective basing scheme you could use for any model - you can skip the bark chips entirely and still get a great result: Basing Video

I want the resin base pictured, how can I add it to my order?
There are now a large amount of resin base options on the site and a lot of models come with the option to come with a resin base on the purchase page.
If the model you want a resin base for does not come with an option for a resin base, check the resin base page to get a base or topper for your model - just use the size listed on your models page as a guide for an appropriate sized base or topper

Commission Painting

I want to buy a painted model, but how do I get it painted in my colour scheme?
Please leave a note in the order, or if you'd like to send images of art/other models you want me to base the scheme off, leave the comment blank and I will reach out to you via the email address supplied in the order.
So long as the colour scheme is organized within 2 working days it should not impact delivery time of the model.

What is the difference between Standard and Premium quality paintjobs?
Standard quality is painted to tabletop quality, using faster techniques to make the model look great on the tabletop in a short amount of time, 

Premium quality is getting the model to tabletop quality, then really pushing the details on it giving it the wow factor. Generally at least twice the amount of time is spent on the model to make the model look great on the tabletop and right up close.

Can I get my own models painted and not just the ones sold on this website?
Yes, please use the 'Custom Models' section found under 'Services' to submit a request.

Why do models that are the same size and/or price cost different amounts to paint?
Models that are heroes will cost more than a standard warrior to paint as they are more detailed models in more dynamic stances. They also have additional features like spells or larger/magical weapons which will get additional attention compared to a warrior model.
Pin-Ups are also priced higher than any other model in their class as these are designed as display pieces and require more time than a model designed for play. (Originally we were not going to offer a standard paint level because of this but there are occasionally Pin-Ups which work very well for standard tabletop games)

Other than that, models that are listed as the same size (XL for example) may be similar in size, but a Skeleton Snake will be a lot easier and quicker to paint than a Manticore that comprises of multiple textures and is a lot chunkier than a model made up of only bone.


Why are you called Mini Manatee? I can see the Manatee in the background and it's huge!?