Custom Printing

If you have your own STL files you would like printed in Resin or Plastic (FDM) use the form below to submit your query - sending a link to the 3D file you'd like printed (this can either be a website that hosts the file or a google drive/dropbox link)

We will send reply with a quote as soon as possible.

Standard human sized 32mm scale models start at $15.00 for a print, however if the model is pre-supported this will be cheaper assuming the pre-supports are high quality.

Larger orders will get better rates per model, and multiple prints of the same file will also make things much cheaper - we can answer any questions you have via email.

Hero Forge/Eldritch Foundry prints have their own page for requests and are not considered custom prints.
Please find them here: Hero Forge / Eldritch Foundry

An example of a pre-supported STL file
An example of a pre-supported STL file

Please note: While our unpainted order queue is full, we do not accept custom printing requests