Scale Guide

The majority of models on Mini Manatee are 32mm scale

What is 32mm Scale
32mm Scale means that from foot to eye level on a standard human standing upright, its 32mm.
That means an ogre at 32mm Scale will be much more than 32mm to eye level, and a gnome will be much shorter than 32mm to eye level.

Beyond this, there are tags for the scales to help categorize the different kinds of styles within a specific scale.
There are Heroic Scale, True Scale, and the middle ground between the two I'm calling Semi Scale 

Heroic Scale: Within 32mm Scale means features are exaggerated, from thicker legs to larger heads and larger weapons. This allows for the sculptor to put their own style into the design of the model. It also allows models to be easier to paint and look more striking even from a distance, but its all up to your own personal taste - see the image below for a good comparison between the scales.

True Scale: True scale is intended to represent real life in miniature form, so if the model was scaled up to be human sized, it would look proportionally accurate, The 'DnD is a Woman' set is the only set currently on the site that would be considered True Scale - when placed beside a 32mm Heroic Scale model, these models look quite small!

Semi Scale: Semi Scale is somewhere in-between the above two scales. Not a True Scale model, but not so exaggerated that it is classed as Heroic Scale - The image below will help with this.

Note: While models can be the same scale, if they are from different sculptors, they design can still look quite different when they're side by side! The way one sculptor sculpts hair can be very different to another, same goes for hands and weapons etc.
How one 
sculptor defines the size of a Dwarf to another can be very different!

From left to right (Some of these are yet to release on the site but will be listed very soon!)

1: Stormforge Minis: These are 32mm Scale.

2: Tainted Windmill: These are 32mm Scale, the sculptor has learnt from Bestiarum Miniatures directly and has a style fairly similar to them.

3: Bestiarum Miniatures: These are no longer available, these were defined as just 32mm scale.

4: Tytan Troll: These are 32mm Scale and line up well with the Bestiarum scale.

5: Imagine Minis: These are 32mm Semi Scale. These are on the upper end of Semi Scale, their female characters are generally quite a bit thinner/smaller compared to the male sculpts, the male sculpt pictured is pretty close in proportions to the Artisan Guild figure aside from the head which is less exaggerated.

6: Artisan Guild: Artisan Guild fit perfectly into Heroic scale, everything about the models are exaggerated and it shows the style of the sculptor in every model. If I had a line-up of models in front of me and I had to pick the Artisan Guild model, I'd get it every time. When you compare these models to the Bestiarum models everything about them is bigger, yet they still line up to the same 32mm eye level. This isn't to say one is better than the other, Bestiarum and Artisan Guild are personally my two favorite sculptors in the business, however it is important to note as having human models from both ranges in the same adventuring party could look odd on the tabletop!

7: Hold my Dwarf: Hold my Dwarf have a similar style to Artisan Guild and easily fits into the 32mm Heroic Scale category, they're overall a bit chunkier than Artisan Guild and they put that extra size to work making all of their models exude character.

8: Embersmith Creative: These are listed as only '32mm Scale' and currently only consist of Goblins, as Goblins dont exactly have set proportions its hard to fit them into a specific category! Looking at them side by side with the others, they appear to fit closer into the higher end of Semi Scale or Heroic Scale.

Dice based system
We make our own renders for all models to help compare models between artists for both size and style, to help make the site a lot more cohesive as we have such a wide variety of artists, and so we can inspect/get to know the models we list on the site that much better.

The D20 used in the renders is a 15mm D20 (Measured from face to opposing face)

Letter based system (Phasing out)
This system only exists on a couple of Artisan Guild releases that are yet to get our renders and will soon (hopefully) be removed entirely from the site.

The images below are to assist you with how the different sizes compare to each other. This is not comprehensive, however a model with an 'M' should be relatively the same size as the models shown in lime green below, and if a model has a '+' beside its size, this means it fits between the size category listed and the size category above it.

General sizing categories

Size S: Gnome/Goblin sized models
Size M: Human sized models
Size L: Ogre sized models and Cavalry models
Size XL: Monster sized models