FDM Printing Details

FDM Printing is a different process to Resin Printing. For starters, this is printed with PLA (Plastic). It results in a lower quality finish where layer lines are visible - however its much cheaper than resin printing and is ideal for printing scenery and other larger lower detailed objects.

Here is an example of an FDM printed Skull Tree from 3D Rogue beside a resin printed miniature.
The Skull  Tree is made up of 2 pieces, the skull and the top tree section - you can see a line where two pieces combine. You will generally want to use some thick glue or model putty to hide the seams.

At the top right of the tree section there are some minor layer inconsistencies showing a series of lines (faint as they may be!). You'll also notice some small wisps of plastic between the teeth, these can be cleaned up easily with a brush or hobby knife. Finally there can be small stray pieces of plastic which can be cleaned up with a hobby knife. (There are none in this image)

However as you can see from the image, the model still looks great.

Lets zoom in closer to show the difference a bit better!

Upon closer inspection you can start to make out the lines that make up the piece, and fine details are not as sharp as they would be if they were printed in resin.
When painting, these lines can be more apparent when using techniques like drybrushing, however from a reasonable distance it all blends together.

Lets zoom in one step closer to really show the lines.

Now we're really close and you can clearly see each line that makes up the model. The main purpose of this is to show you that while the models will still look great when printed in plastic (FDM), they wont look identical to the render as FDM is a less precise process. Resin printing will look almost identical to the render, in some cases I believe they look better than the render.

Below are some finished prints of the Filamentio Barracks line - on close inspection you will see a few issues, but on the tabletop they look great even without any tidy up!

Finally here are some painted examples we have done previously.
These models are not available for sale, but give you a good idea of how even with the lower quality compared to resin, with a bit of tidy up and some paint they look fantastic.