Artisan Guild: Deepwood Alfar: 50mm Bases

Model comes as pictured; one base is included for each item purchased.
Dice is for scale purposes and is not included.

These are 50mm bases
Note: Top left is designed to fit Uldar Druidical Beast Form (Owlbear) as there are spaces for each paw.
Bottom right is designed to fit the Forest King as there is a hoof space and a space for the tree to fit into.

Select your base by selecting the row (starting at 1 from the top, then 2 for the second row etc) after selecting your row, select the base from that row (1 for the first from the left base in that row, 2 for the second base from the left etc.)

If purchased for a model that you are paying to have painted, this will be painted at no additional cost. (This will replace the flat base that would be supplied otherwise.)

Models are made to order; most models are ready to ship within 2-3 working days, if painting is requested this will add about 3-5 working days per model.

Flat rate $5.99 nationwide shipping for all orders.

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5.49 NZD