Hero Forge Printing Service (1 free when you buy 4*)

Printing service for STL files you have purchased from HeroForge.com

Hero Forge models are printed in resin at 30 micron resolution - which is more than double the resolution of Hero Forges standard quality, and over 25% higher resolution than their premium quality.

*Pay the price of 3 Hero Forge figures when you select the quantity option 4 - includes painting options!
Largest size option must be selected if you are purchasing four from different sizes. ** 

Check the details below!

Choose a variant:

Starting at 14.99 NZD

**eg: If you have 4 standard models (weapons size does not matter) then you would select 'standard' quantity '4'

if you have 3 standard models and 1 model riding a horse, you would either select 'Character Riding a horse' quantity '4' OR 'Character Riding a horse' quantity '1' and add 3 'standard' size and quantity '1' to your cart (this will not benefit from the buy 3 get one free deal), whichever is the cheaper option.

Standard paint quality will also produce a better result than the colour printing offered by Hero Forge - and it will still be cheaper and faster to your door!

Price is based off the following:
1: Is the model using an XL size body without wings from the Hero Forge website?
2: Is the model using an XL size body with wings?
3: Is the model riding a Wolf/Horse/Bike (XXL classed 'Rides' on Hero Forge)

If the answer to any of those is yes, select the appropriate option, if the answer is 'no' to the 3 questions above, select 'Standard Size'

NOTE: Standard/XL etc are in reference to the sizes listed by Hero Forge, Hero Forge models are 30mm scale by default, this can be adjusted but it will require a custom quote - use the 'contact us' page to reach out.

After purchase we will email you to send through the Hero Forge STL file you have purchased so we can print it.

Below is an example of a set of four painted at Premium level
Scheme was based on the buyer painting them in the Hero Forge app and some minor changes were made from there (such as the black/blue sword and emblem on the shield)

And here are some examples at Standard level painting