Battlefield Kit - Mining Settlement - Dani Amengual

Contains 1 of all pieces from the Mining Settlement, as shown in the first image.

9x Mine Tracks
3x Buildings
1x Construction Site
1x Well
6x Mine Carts
2x Mine Entrances
1x Mine Tunnel
1x Smithing Bundle

Model comes in plastic (FDM) which has a lower quality surface finish than resin, however its much cheaper to produce and much more durable, its ideal for scenery pieces.
See the FDM printing page in the site menu for more details.

Plastic (FDM) models do not have a premium paint option.

Dani Amengual models are suitable for 28-32mm tabletop games.

Models are made to order; most models are ready to ship within 2-3 working days, if painting is requested this will add about 3-5 working days per model.

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Images from Dani Amengual's personal set! - Painted by Dani Amengual