Artisan Guild: Epic Boss: Tarasque the Legendary Devourer

Model comes as pictured.
Dice is for scale purposes and is not included.
**Note the pricing details about painting below**

A custom base of some crazy large size will be supplied with this model 280x210mm!?

Model comes in about 15 pieces, this thing is huge! Assemble with super glue.

Artisan Guild models are 32mm heroic scale and this model puts them all to shame. Click on the 'Scale Guide' button in the top bar to see a comparison between the different types of scale.

Models are made to order; most models are ready to ship within 2-3 working days (This will take at least double that), if painting is requested this will add about 3-5 working days per model (Unless that model is a Tarasque, in which case it will probably take a couple weeks, but it'll be worth the wait)

Painting prices on this model are heavily discounted as I would love to paint this, but have no use for it personally, after the first has been purchased, painting price will go up by around 50% 
As such, no 'Percent Off' vouchers will be honored for painted versions of this model as long as this notice is here (however you're welcome to use them on the unpainted version)

Flat rate $5.99 nationwide shipping for all orders. (Yes, even this model)

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Starting at 189.99 NZD