Full Set* - The Quest For Goldvein - Artisan Guild

*Contains the following models from the Jadeshell Turtlekin Set (15 miniatures)

1x Tarum Bloodhammer

1x Durnir Berserker Lord

1x Skutagaard War Mammoth (with or without platform)

1x Thyra Blood Priestess of Duum (Pinup)

4x Dragonpeak Behemots (with or without riders)

6x Dwarven Berserkers

1x Dwarven Stone Idols (FDM) (Scenery Piece)

If a model has options (such as the helmets on the warriors) you can specify the options you would like in your order comments or reach out to us via email/the chat function.

Artisan Guild models are 32mm heroic scale, click on the 'Scale Guide' button in the top bar to see a comparison between the different types of scale.

Models are made to order; most models are ready to ship within 2-3 working days. Painting options will extend this processing time.

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