Skutagaard War Mammoth - The Quest for Goldvein - Artisan Guild

Models are pictured on and come with a 170x105mm plastic base.
Can be provided with a 160mm base instead, please leave a note in your order.

Includes the two Dwarf Berserkers pictured (these are separate pieces which can be used as standalone models)

Models generally come in 1-5 pieces, assemble with super glue.

The Quest for Goldvein from Artisan Guild are 32mm heroic scale, click on the 'Scale Guide' button in the top bar to see a comparison between the different types of scale.

Models are made to order; most models are ready to ship within 2-3 working days. Painting options will extend this processing time.

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Painted examples from this set by Artisan Guild (Painter - Dave Wright)

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(Refer to the description above for the ideal size for your miniature)